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What Is Comurce?

Comurce is a cloud-based Digital Operating Model (DOM) Platform. We digitize your operating model, whilst minimizing operational disruption and empower you to place customers at the heart of your organization through design thinking in the PMO, HR, Risk, Product Management and more.

What does Comurce do?

Treat all your customers like they’re your only customer with Salesforce CRM. Understand their needs, solve their problems, and identify opportunities to help by managing their information and interactions with your company on a single platform that’s always accessible from anywhere.

What does Comurce do

We increase customer satisfaction by bringing people, process, and technology together

Visualize your organization structure

Map skills & capability across your organization
Allocate resources to strategic initiatives and watch real-time updates as people move around your organization and between projects
Reduce time to market by visualizing and breaking dependencies across the organization

Build Industry disrupting capability

Assess the skills and capability across your organization
Set actions off the back of assessments, training, and targets
Visualize the skills and capability maturity across your organization through reports

Minimize the bureaucracy

Embed your chosen Agile framework along with the agile ceremonies
Customize governance to meet your needs and synchronize calendars org-wide

Mitigate risks and issues with ease

Digitize your risks and issues for each project with automated calendar notifications based on next steps
Aggregate all of the risks and issues projects within a programme, department or business for an org-wide views
Analyze reports that profile the impact and probability whilst, highlighting trends

How does Comurce work?

We digitize your operating model, aligning your new way of working across your organization

Comurce connects your people, process and technology around one Digital Operating Model (DOM) platform so the organization can collaborate to maximize value for customers and realize benefits for the business.

The Digital Transformation platform

Give teams a shared view of your customers
Align every task to strategic initiatives through Objective key Results
Centralize the recording and management of risks and issues, with automated reports that escalate high impact items to leadership
Digitize workforce management and resource allocation
Customize and scale for any size organization

What does Comurce stand for

Our core values Guide Every Desition we make and help Comurce act as a platform for change.

Since the start when we operated out of a small London apartment, we've believed the success of the company cannot be measured by the balance sheet but the impact we have on the world around us.

We've committed our time, expertise and resources to leave a lasting impact on the world and this continues to be essential to the organisation's culture.
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